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Cleano Production, situated in Älgarås, Töreboda Municipality in Västra Götaland County, represents one of Swedens most modern development and production of guaranteed quality hygiene and cleaning products. The costumers own and promote their own brands – Private Label and our market is mainly targeted towards professional users, public service and consumers in the nordic countries.

The company has a workforce of 24 employees and realises a total annual turnover of est. SEK 96 million. Cleano Production is a subsidiary of Cleano Group whereas the concern realises a total annual turnover of SEK 302 million with a staff of 151 employees in 3 different countries.

We offer the market a complete line of hygiene and cleaning products in the form of solid, liquid and powder merchandise. We offer self developed, ready and customer specific formulas of both existent and new products. Cleano Production should be a natural choice as a producer of hygiene and cleaning products of Private Labels – EMV.

Competent developing team
Cleano Production has a well-educated competent developing team with a broad experience of product development. Together with our customers we have developed a wide selection of dishwashing, washing and cleaning products for both professional users and consumers. We help our customers with everything from development of individual products to concepts and strategic product development. We also develop existent formulas into becoming more eco-friendly and to have a better economical calculation. Our development chemists are active in trade associations and are also part of a european collaboration with leading unit sourcing suppliers.
Cleano Production AB (A Part of Cleano Group): Besök- och lev.adress: Västra Långgatan 8, 545 72 ÄLGARÅS. Fakt.adress: Box 54, 545 02 ÄLGARÅS. Tel 0506-489 00